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309 North Fourth Avenue • Paden City, WV
Phone: (304) 337-2311


Jarvis Funeral Homes are full service funeral homes offering a selection of services. Because funerals today are so diverse, we believe that each funeral should be tailored to fit the unique individual it is designed to represent. When you chose the Jarvis Funeral Homes the following are just some of the options available.

Traditional Service

This service includes embalming basic service of funeral director and staff. Two day, one day or same day viewing hours. A funeral service at the funeral home or local church of your choice, register book, memorial folders, acknowledgement cards and necessary automotive equipment.

Graveside Service

A ceremony held at the burial site, which includes the basic funeral director and staff, followed by burial. This service can also provide private viewing at the funeral home prior to proceeding, in procession, to the cemetery.

Memorial Service

A service held at the funeral home or a place of the family's choice that features a gathering of family and friends to memorialize the life of a loved one after an immediate burial or cremation.

Cremation Service

Families may choose one of our cremation services by selecting a funeral service with public visitation with the option of renting a casket, which allows an alternative to casket purchase, with cremation following the service. Another service would be a direct cremation with the deceased being taken directly to the crematory without any formal service with the possibility of a memorial service being held at a later date.

Receiving and Forwarding of Remains

This service is set up to help eliminate extra burdens on families when a death occurs away from home. Call the Jarvis Funeral Home and the Funeral Director will answer any questions you may have.

Presenting Life

Here at the Jarvis Funeral Home we are determined to satisfy our families' every need. We offer a program called Presenting Life. Presenting Life is a Presentation that displays the memories of your loved one. We use your pictures and any music that you prefer. The pictures are edited on the presentation to reveal the dates the pictures were taken and who are in the pictures. We then show the presentation when you want to see it, generally during visitation, in our chapel on a film screen.

309 North Fourth Avenue | Paden City, WV 26159 | Phone: (304) 337-2311 | Fax: (304) 337-2314 | Email: jarvisfuneralhomes@yahoo.com